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Entry #8

been awhile.

2011-03-06 18:48:22 by soldat7

well. ive been Busy past year(not the most original excuse but what the heck).
the good news for me is that my system went trough a total upgrade.
Got a AMD hexa-core cpu (good news for rendering) and a Nvidia GTX560 with cuda.
the CUDA (which i still recognise as Ageia Physx) has proven to be quite powerfull at dynamics.
with these my urge to model has increased alot.

im still uncertain at wether to concentrate on maya or 3dsmax.
but thats for later

till then i want to practise at modeling
if anybody has an idea for what i can do(as in what to make) please tell.
i want to try to make models based on other peoples ideas instead of my own


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