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Awesome episode and well worth the wait. altough i can already see the second lead to a plot <_<

Anybody else notice that the truck symbol (the one picking up fuel rods) is the same as the one on the switchblade the murderer used and disposed in the first episode??
The plot thickens!

Perfectly done

it maybe short, but you can see how much work and skill is in it.
the graphics quality is very good (its 3D what did you expect?)
the expressions of the mime were very dramatic (as it should be)
and a nice choice of music by the way.

i hope to see more of your animating skills here on NG in the near future.
Long story short: !!! I LOVE IT !!!

way too short

decent animation. a bit short.
it really show the sterotypical Clock (saying the F word over and over and over...)
not the best but keep going.

DAGamesOfficial responds:

lol yeah well it was good considering it took 6 hours :) and yeah, I wanted to include the fact that clocks and clock fans (being the small immature, possibly fanboy, kid) always swear, and make unnecessary dick jokes and references to moms which really isn't relevant at all.

anyway, glad ya liked it, and there's better cartoons coming up :)

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best minecraft tool EVER

this basicly saved me from to much hassle creating a skin in a drawing application.
its simple, supports layers and can even blend! the ability to save the skin to png(for minecraft) and txt (to continue/edit later on) is a nice and safe way to store it.

May many skins be created by this awesome and usefull flash!

best magnet game eva!!

without a doubt the best magnet game i have ever seen.
the levels are challenging without losing freedom in how to solve the game,the graphics are very good (including the level menu),the music is fitting,the stasis feature give you new possibilitys to get around moving blockades then only trying to fire a shot at the exact right moment and the Coordinates system is usefull when you try to beat a time attack/challenge.

my opinion:
you have created a game that has all the features you expect from a magnet game and yet still feeling unique from the (many) others. this alone very impressive. that combined with the amazing graphics and you got yourself a great game.

Excellent. just simply excellent

ive enjoyed playing this game frome the beginning to the end.
the ending was great, the levels were challengin (the most hard ones were Dive and Crux to me). the puke-physics were excellently done (altough the White puke can be annoyin use) and the level editor is a very nice implementation for those who like to design puzzles or those who like to play with puke in a sandbox.

PS: ive got all the medals!!!! YYAAYY!!

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yes i do recognise

indeed i recognise the marching in the background (the red alert song your refering to was called Hell March if i remember correctly). this song is indeed very suitable for a world conquering game.

No, not your best

Title Says it. not bery good one. it improved a bit after the first one and a half minute but overall not one of your best. but if you had fun remixing it then dont let this discourage you (altough this review proplably didnt discourage you anyway)(just to be sure :P)

Nice and....cheery

this song was fun to listen to (and its indeed a happy song).
in the middle of the song i noticed my cursor began began to move around the desktop with the rythm, my hand was going with the music(it was entranced).
Very good and definitly worth putting on my MP3 Player :P.

mybrobilo responds:

Very nice! thanks for the support!

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very good still

even for a experiment using only some triangles,torguses and volumetric lighting it is amazingly done.


Far better then what i have been able to achieve so far. then again so far i only tried using fur/hair to create a chuzzle. anyway fantastic work and your definitly in my fav-list now.

fantastic, to bad about the saving...

very nice and i would have loved to see a textured version(bot going to happen soon i suppose). what a waste that the file didn't save the way you wanted it to.

PS: thx for the warning about saving. i just got myself a copy of zbrush and i haven't fully understand the whole "tool" concept, so i will be very carefull when saving something.

just an average Gamer/3d-modeler

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