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Posted by soldat7 - March 6th, 2011

well. ive been Busy past year(not the most original excuse but what the heck).
the good news for me is that my system went trough a total upgrade.
Got a AMD hexa-core cpu (good news for rendering) and a Nvidia GTX560 with cuda.
the CUDA (which i still recognise as Ageia Physx) has proven to be quite powerfull at dynamics.
with these my urge to model has increased alot.

im still uncertain at wether to concentrate on maya or 3dsmax.
but thats for later

till then i want to practise at modeling
if anybody has an idea for what i can do(as in what to make) please tell.
i want to try to make models based on other peoples ideas instead of my own

Posted by soldat7 - April 30th, 2010

My Birthday (27 April)
i turned 19. nothing more to tell actually since i didnt celebrate it this year.

Koninginedag(30 April)
today we had Koninginedag(translated from dutch: Queensday).
on this day everybody is allowed to take their stuff and sell it on the street. most of the time this forms as small markets around shopping centers. this year was a little bit dissapointing on the number of stalls but it wasnt a total loss.
i got 2 unused old PS2 mouses for 50 cent (usefull for microcontroller experiments) and
PC MMO Aion (never opened) for 1 euro.
i was very lucky with the game since i found out later that it was still 50 euro on steam.

Computer trouble:
Jan: PC cooling pump broke. my system ended up underclocked
March: my hard drive started failing. i nearly lost all my 3d files.
April: mother's system died. i ended up building a new one.

i started trial testing current 3d software for a possible upgrade.
the programs are:
Maya 2011
3DS max 2011
Cinema 4D
so far i havent really started

Posted by soldat7 - December 18th, 2009

schools out till after new year's eve so ive got plenty of time to spend. luckily i got a new tool in my quest to create 3d-models and its gonna take some time to learn it. i got myself Zbrush 3.5 which allows me to create Organic 3d-models,displacement maps and gives me set of texturing tools.

here are my thanks to Hikaryuu for my first review of ardy.
i also created myself a forum signature while i was practicing in carving letters out of cubes.

Holiday's and a new software

Posted by soldat7 - November 30th, 2009

a week ago i got myself AutoDesk Maya (pricetag = heart-attack but then again i averagely spend more on components for my system + if your abit sneaky you can have it for a lot less)). ive been modeling like crazy ever since and now my first creation has made his appearance here on newgrounds and im damn proud of it. now its just a matter of time before i either get my first destructive critic or get praised.

im so excited about it because this is the first time i have ever actually submitted something on the web.

update: got my first review from a fellow 3D artist and it was a 10 :D
so thanks Hikaryuu

Posted by soldat7 - May 3rd, 2009

ive turned 18 a few days ago and am so legally adult.
my bank accounts are finnally completely mine. im allowed to learn to drive. got voting rights.
today i went trough my submitted review list. i couldnt believe how my review style has evolved in the years im here on NG. i went from "that sucks" to "it could have been way better" kind of reviews.
i suddenly feel so OLD (im currently entering my early life crisis :P).
my time as a carefree teenager and ignorant child are behind me and im clueless at what to do now.
im going to have to take on a side-job since im paying health insurance now and its time to think about my future (heres hoping the latter wont take years as how some college students are portrayed).

i know that nobody is going to read this (at least not on purpose) but im glad that i will always have a public place where i can drop my thoughts.

Posted by soldat7 - September 26th, 2008

Even tough the Flash Portal is the main Atrraction. the Audio portal is my favorite part of the Portal. here on newgrounds i can find Nice,Originall and sometimes even Calm Trance and Techno songs and the best part is that i can download them and put them on my MP3-Player/
PDA easilly (and most important LEGALLY).

Newgrounds is the site where i spend most of my Online time.

Posted by soldat7 - July 14th, 2008

go see my steam page if you want to know about my Gaming life:
http://steamcommunity.com/id/soldat 7

now with G-Mod ADD-on list.
i would like to state that i update my steam Profile more often then my NG.
great.... STEAM no longer works and i found a ad-aware program that was uploading like crazy (it sended 451.64 MegaBytes before i found it. lets hope the two arent connected :(

Posted by soldat7 - September 7th, 2007

i never knew there were so many webcomics on the net. and now i am addicted to them.
i dont know how and i dont know when buti am addicted
to everyone who does not now about webcomics: try reading a few
offcourse there are some crappy ones but there are also very good done

im expecially addicted to looking For Group webcomic that comic plays in the warcraft game
and i have made the Evil and sarcastic(and very funny) Undead Warlock named richard my avatar
and now i must go back to surveying new admissions and searching for abusive review

Got addicted to webcomics